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To become a contributor at Citizendium, please email manager A T with the following information:

  1. your first and last name (to use as a logon account)
  2. a document proving that a person of your name first and last name owns the email you are using (it can be a photo or scan of a utility bill, ID card or other official document)
  3. a brief writeup for your User page to help other wiki contributors know who you are
  4. please list up to three Workgroups that interest you from among those on

Note that, for the User page write-up, we do not expect a complete resume, and in fact, including one might look so much like self-promotion that your application might be ignored. We are looking for a brief description of experience, skills or interests that might be helpful to other authors in the wiki in understanding your background during collaboration in the wiki. The writeup need not reveal anything about your location, age, gender, etc.

Please be aware that we have a strict policy against self promotion or PR, and our User pages are not indexed by search engines.

In certain circumstances (if you request), we will allow you to use first and middle initials in place of a first name.

We delete the photo or scan after using it to verify your real name.