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This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same or a similar title.

Paris may refer to any one of the following:

Towns in the USA with Eiffel Towers:

  • Paris, Arkansas: A town of about 3500 in Arkansas; county seat for the northern district of Logan County (the southern district's county seat is Booneville); has a 25' replica of the Eiffel Tower [e]
  • Paris, Michigan: An unincorporated community in Green Charter Township, Michigan; has a 20' replica of the Eiffel Tower [e]
  • Stub Paris, Tennessee: A town of about 10,000 in West Tennessee; county seat of Henry County; has a 70' replica of the Eiffel Tower [e]
  • Paris, Texas: A town of about 25,000 in NE Texas; county seat of Lamar County; has a 65' replica of the Eiffel Tower (with a red cowboy hat on top of it) [e]

More towns in the USA (we don't know if they have a tower);

Even more US towns:


  • Plaster of paris: A fine white powder made from gypsum known since ancient times; when moistened, it dries into a rigid clay form, which can be baked into ceramic [e]


  • Paris Hilton: 21st-century American media personality mostly famous for being famous. [e]


Visual Arts: