At the Drive-In

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This article is about the PBS concert special. For other uses of the term At the Drive-In, please see At the Drive-In (disambiguation).
At the Drive-In
Director Michael Davis
Starring Fabian
Jan and Dean
Merrilee Rush
Ray Peterson
Bobby Vee
The Nelsons
Chris Montez
Dodie Stevens
The Rip Chords
The Surfaris
The Orlons
Studio WLIW & Lickonavision
Distributor Public Broadcasting Service
Released 28 November 2003
Filmed August 2003
Length 90 minutes
Origin United States
Language English

At the Drive-In was a PBS rock music special concert, broadcast on 28 November 2003, by New York television station WLIW 21. The concert formed part of the station's annual 'begathon', telecast between 9 pm to 10:30 pm. Hosted by Fabian, it was also the final farewell performance for Jan and Dean, and the line-up included Merrilee Rush, Ray Peterson, Bobby Vee, the late Rick Nelson's twin sons the Nelsons, Chris Montez, Dodie Stevens, the Rip Chords, the Surfaris, and the Orlons, showcasing the 'Surf City sound.' Solo vocal performances were backed with rock group Ar Steven and the Ricochettes.

Originally filmed in August 2003, at the Bass Concert Hall, University of Texas Performing Arts Centre in Austin, Texas using a stage transformed into a nostalgic drive-in, complete with period cars. The audio was recorded and mixed using the Reelsound Recording mobile audio truck (RADAR), using a 48 track console. The concert was later issued as a VHS, DVD, (with behind the scenes footage) and double compact disc release, with an additional twelve bonus performances previous unaired. An expanded five CD box set also titled At the Drive-In, included the double CD, with three other previous compilation releases.

Track list

DVD information

Track listing:

  • Disc One:
  1. 'Tiger' (Ollie Jones) – Fabian
  2. 'Surf City' (Jan Berry, Brian Wilson) – Jan and Dean
  3. 'Little Old Lady from Pasadena' (Donald J. Altfeld, Jan Berry, Roger Val Christian) – Jan and Dean
  4. 'Little Deuce Coupe' (Roger Val Christian, Brian Wilson) – Jan and Dean
  5. 'Angel of the Morning' (Chip Taylor) – Merrilee Rush
  6. 'Be My Baby' (Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich, Philip Spector) – Merrilee Rush
  7. '409' (Michael E. Love, Gary L. Usher, Brian Wilson) – The Rip Chords
  8. 'Hey Little Cobra' (Carol Connors, Marshal Howard Connors) – The Rip Chords
  9. 'Tell Laura I Love Her' (Jeff Barry, Ben Raleigh) – Ray Peterson
  10. 'Corrina, Corinna' (Mitchell Parish, Bo Chapman, J. Mayo Williams) - Ray Peterson
  11. 'Take Good Care of My Baby' (Gerald Goffin, Carole King) - Bobby Vee and the Vees
  12. 'Devil or Angel' (Blanche Carter) - Bobby Vee and the Vees
  13. 'The Night Has a Thousand Eyes' (Marilynn Garrett, Dorothy Wayne, Benjamin Weisman) - Bobby Vee and the Vees
  14. 'Wipe Out' (Robert Earl Berryhill, Patrick Francis Connolly, James Evans Fuller, Ronald Lee Wilson) - The Surfaris
  15. 'Hawaii Five-O' (Morton Stevens) - The Surfaris
  16. 'Ricky Nelson Medley (incl. 'Travelin' Man', 'Hello Mary Lou', 'It's Late', Garden Party')' - The Nelsons
  17. 'Don't Hang Up' (Barry Mann, Dave Appell) - The Orlons
  18. 'Wah Watusi' (Kal Mann, Dave Appell) - The Orlons
  19. 'Let's Dance' (Jim Lee) - Chris Montez
  20. 'Tan Shoes and Pink Shoelaces' (Mickie Grant) - Dodie Stevens
  21. 'Sidewalk Surfin' (Roger Val Christian, Brian Wilson) - Jan and Dean
  22. 'Dead Man's Curve' (Jan Berry, Roger Val Christian, Arthur Lawrence Kornfeld, Brian Wilson) - Jan and Dean
  23. 'Surfin' USA' (Chuck Berry) - Jan and Dean
  • Bonus songs (Disc Two with the CD):
  1. 'Three Window Coupe' (Jan Berry, Roger Val Christian) - The Rip Chords
  2. 'Pipeline' (Brian Carman, Bob Spickard) - The Surfaris
  3. 'Drag City' (Jan Berry, Roger Val Christian, Brian Wilson) - Jan and Dean
  4. 'Just Once More' (Steve McClintock, Matthew Nelson, Gunnar Nelson, Victoria Shaw) - The Nelsons
  5. 'Rubber Ball' (Gene Francis Pitney, Aaron H. Schroeder) - Bobby Vee and the Vees
  6. 'Run to Him' (Gerald Goffin, Jack Keller) - Boby Vee and the Vees
  7. 'Hey, Elvis' (Homer L. Randolph) - Merrilee Rush
  8. 'The More I See You' (Mack Gordon, Harry Warren) - Chris Montez
  9. 'La Bamba' (Ritchie Valens) - Chris Montez
  10. 'The Wonder of You' (Thomas Baker Knight) - Ray Peterson
  11. 'Hound Dog' (Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller) - Dodie and Stephanie Stevens
  12. 'South Street' (David Appell, Kal Mann) - The Orlons


  • Musicians:
    • Fabian - vocals, host
    • Jan Berry - vocals [Jan and Dean]
    • Dean Torrence - vocals [Jan and Dean]
    • Merrilee Rush - vocals
    • The Rip Chords
    • Ray Peterson - vocals
    • Boby Vee and the Vees
    • The Surfaris
    • Matthew Nelson - vocals, guitar [The Nelsons]
    • Gunnar Nelson - vocals, guitar [The Nelsons]
    • The Orlons
    • Chris Montez - vocals
    • Dodie Stevens - vocals
    • Stephanie Stevens - vocals
  • Additional musicians:
    • Ar Steven and the Ricochettes
  • Production:
    • Michael Davis – director
    • Sharon Cullun - assistant director
    • Malcolm Harper – engineer, mixing
    • Gerard Bustos - assistant engineer
    • Gene Krieger - assistant engineer
    • Carl Harper - assistant engineer
    • Will Harris - assistant engineer