Audio-Visual Preservation Trust of Canada

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The Audio-Visual Preservation Trust of Canada (or the AV Trust) is a charitable non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the preservation of Canada’s audio-visual heritage, and to facilitating access to regional and national collections through partnerships with members of Canada's audio-visual community.


Education and Access Programs include the Masterworks program. Founded in 2000, Masterworks recognizes 12 culturally significant classics each year, drawn from the archives of the Canadian film, radio, television and music industries. Works are chosen because of their critical and popular success, or because they were seminal in their genre. The Masterworks program provides funding to support preservation of selected Masterworks and enhances access to works no longer in active distribution. [1]

Film Masterworks (by year)


AV Trust partners: Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, Astral Media, Bureau of Canadian Archivists, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Canadian Film Institute, Canadian Screen Training Centre, Cinémathèque québécoise, Department of Canadian Heritage, Library and Archives Canada, National Film Board of Canada, National Screen Institute, Pacific Cinémathèque, Ontario Trillium Foundation, Telefilm Canada, Toronto International Film Festival and Universal Studios/Universal Music Canada. [2]