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Colin Baker (born 8th June, 1943) is an English actor, best known as the sixth to take on the lead role in the British science fiction series Doctor Who, from 1984 to 1986. His role as 'the Doctor' was preceded by several others, most notably as a villain in The Brothers (1974-1976), a drama series based around the West Midlands road haulage industry, and an appearance as another character in Doctor Who, who shot Baker's predecessor in the title role, played by Peter Davison (Arc of Infinity, 1983).

Baker's time on Doctor Who was possibly the most controversial in the programme's history, due to its suspension for 18 months following his first of what would become a reign of only two series. This was a crisis time for the programme which ultimately ended with Baker's removal on the orders of Michael Grade, then Controller of BBC One. This decision met with strong criticism from all corners of fandom and the Doctor Who production team itself, as Baker's portrayal had never been viewed as a factor in the fortunes of the show. Baker's loyalty to the programme is evident in his activities following his dismissal: he continues to participate in fan conventions, audio productions and other projects.

Baker's portrayal of the Doctor emphasised the alien qualities of the character. Clad in a brightly-coloured coat, and with a rather overbearing attitude, his Doctor was a marked contrast to the gentler personality of Peter Davison's Doctor. Baker was also a big change in other ways: when the time came for Davison to hand over to Baker in The Caves of Androzani (1984), Davison's costume had to be significantly extended to allow Baker to fit into it for his first scene.