Fury (television series)

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Fury was a television series in the Western genre. It ran from 1955 to 1960. The programme was an American contemporary Western but was produced by ITV, a British network. (“Contemporary Western” means that the action takes places in the present day. Fury was contemporary, while Bonanza was a period piece: it was produced in the 1960s but was set in the previous century.)

Fury concerned the adventures of a boy and his stallion. It starred:

  • Peter Graves
  • Bobby Diamond
  • William Fawcett
  • Jimmy Baird
  • Robert Mobley
  • Ann Robinson
  • Lane Bradford

An oft-repeated anecdote that “Fury” ended up at the knackers and was rescued is false according to the fan site brokenwheelranch.com [1]. The rescued horse may have been a stand-in (five different horses were used in filming Fury).