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A list of key readings about Hendrik Antoon Lorentz.
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Publications of H. A. Lorentz

The following list is not exhaustive.

  • 1875 - Over de theorie der terugkaatsing en breking van het licht [On the theory of reflection and refraction of light] (Dissertation University Leiden)
  • 1878 - De moleculaire theoriën in de natuurkunde [The molecular theories in physics] (Inaugural lecture)
  • 1880 - Über die Beziehung zwischen der Fortpflanzungsgeschwindigkeit des Lichtes und der Körperdichte, [On the relation between the propagation speed of light and density of a body] Ann. Phys. vol. 9, pp. 641-665 (1880). (Lorentz-Lorenz relation) Online
  • 1882 - Leerboek der differentiaal- en integraalrekening en van de eerste beginselen der analytische meetkunde met het oog op de toepassingen in de natuurwetenschap [Texbook of differential- and integral-calculus and first principles of analytic geometry with special attention to the applications in science] E. J. Brill (Leiden) Online
  • 1886 - De l'influence du mouvement de la terre sur les phénomènes lumineux
  • 1892 - La théorie electromagnétique de Maxwell et son application aux corps mouvants, Archives Néerlandaises vol. 25, pp. 363-552
  • 1893 - Beginselen der natuurkunde [Principles of physics] E. J. Brill (Leiden) (textbook with many reprints)
  • 1895 - Versuch einer Theorie der electrischen und optischen Erscheinungen in bewegten Körpern [Attempt of a theory of electrical and optical phenomena in moving bodies], E. J. Brill, (Leiden) Online
  • 1899 - Simplified Theory of Electrical and Optical Phenomena in Moving Systems, Proc. Acad. Science Amsterdam, vol. 1 pp. 427–442. Online
  • 1900 - Considerations on Gravitation, Proc. Acad. Science Amsterdam, vol. 2 pp. 559–574 Online
  • 1901 - Zichtbare en Onzichtbare Bewegingen [Visible and invisible motions], E. J. Brill (Leiden) Online
  • 1904 - Electromagnetic phenomena in a system moving with any velocity smaller than that of light, Proc. Acad. Science Amsterdam, vol. 6 pp. 809–831 Online
  • 1909 - The theory of electrons and its applications to the phenomena of light and radiant heat; a course of lectures delivered in Columbia University, New York, in March and April 1906, B.G. Teubner (Leipzig); G.E. Stechert (New York) 2nd edition online
  • 1909 - The theory of electrons and its applications to the phenomena of light and radiant heat
  • 1917 - On Einstein's Theory of gravitation, Proc. Acad. Science Amsterdam, vol. 19 issue II, pp. 1341–1354 Online
  • 1918 - Beginselen der natuurkunde, [Principles of physics] 2 volumes
  • 1919- 1925 - Lessen over theoretische natuurkunde aan de Rijks-Universiteit te Leiden gegeven door H.A. Lorentz, [Lectures on theoretical physics delivered at the State University in Leiden] 8 volumes
  • 1922 - Problems of modern physics Lecture notes California Institute of Technology
  • 1926 - The quantum theory. Present day problems and outstanding questions of the quantum theory. Notes accompanying lectures delivered by Professor H.A. Lorentz at Cornell University, fall term 1926
  • 1926 - Verslag Staatscommissie [Report of State Committee] Zuiderzee 1918 - 1926
  • 1927- 1931 Lectures on Theoretical Physics (vol. I-III) Macmillan & Co New York Vol I online
  • 1935-1939 - Collected Papers, ed. Pieter Zeeman and Adriaan Fokker, 9 volumes