List of languages using the .NET Framework

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This is a list of compilers that target the Microsoft .NET Framework.

Active projects

  • Ada
    • A# for .NET[1] - a port of Ada to the Microsoft .NET Framework, free from the Department of Computer Science at the United States Air Force Academy under the terms of the GNU general public license
  • Boo
    • Boo (Python-inspired syntax by Rodrigo B. de Oliveira, Georges Benatti)
  • C
    • lcc (ANSI C Compiler from Princeton)
    • cscc (ANSI C Compiler from Portable.NET)
  • Caml
    • F# (Microsoft)
    • OCAMIL (Emmanuel Chailloux & Raphael Montelatici)
  • Pan
    • Pan# (Computer Languages for Secondary Education)
  • SML (Standard Meta Language)
    • SML.NET (Microsoft Research, University of Cambridge)

Dead, abandoned, or merged projects

These languages and projects are listed with their last known web pages, in case they are miraculously resurrected and to facilitate investigation through the Internet Archive.

  • E#
    • E# (Justin Chase)
  • Flash
    • csswf (Robin Debreuil) - C# with flash (no link available)
  • G#
    • G# (Ernest Booth)
  • JavaScript
    • JScript .NET (hosted on GotDotNet; hosting shut down and language apparently dead)
    • JANET - JavaScript-compatible language
  • Spry
  • Tcl/Tk
    • Jacl.Net (Mailframe; source still available)


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