The Dawn of Television Remembered

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The Dawn of Television Remembered: theJohn Logie Baird Years 1923-1936, is a documentary CD-ROM produced by Donald F McLean, a Scottish engineer who has pioneered the study and restoration of early television recordings of tests and broadcasts using Baird's 30-line television standard. It consists of two discs, the first a full-length audio documentary, with interviews with many early colleagues and acquaintances of Baird, and the second of which features full-definition videos of all the restored recordings and test discs. It is significant in that it collects the largest body of primary evidence as to the nature of Baird's accomplishments so far assembled, and makes the restored recording available to the general public for the first time.

Among those interviewed are Betty Astell, A F Birch, T H Bridgewater, D R Campbell, Cyril Fletcher, W C Fox, R M Herbert, T M C Lance, N Loxdale, Marsland Gander, Victor Mills, Geoffrey Parr, J D Percy, P Reveley, C L Richards and William Taynton (Taynton was the first person ever to have his image transmitted by television). The overall documentary is narrated by Richard Baker.